citrinehomenewCitrine is a variety of quartz that ranges in color from a pale yellow to orange with brown tints. Lightly colored Yellow citrine is often given the name yellow quartz. Citrine is a very popular pendant stone, especially when cut into rectangular or oval shapes. The name Citrine comes from the French word ‘Citron’, meaning lemon. Despite, this, Citrine often verges towards being gold/orange rather than being the pure yellow color of the fruit. Natural Citrine is very rare; in fact most citrine on the market is produced by heat treating amethyst or smoky quartz. One way to tell the difference between natural Citrine and the heat-treated variety is that after treatment, Citrine gems often display a reddish tint that is not necessarily seen in the natural variety.

roundRound – available from 1.00 to 15.00 mm

ovalOval – available from 4×3 to 20×5 mm

emerandEmerald Cut – available from 4×3 to 20×15 mm

heartHeart Shape – available from 3.00 to 15.00 mm

pearPear – available from 4×3 to 20×15 mm

squareSquare Princes – available from 2.00 to 12.00 mm

trillionTrillion – available from 3.00 to 12.00 mm

RadiantRadiant Square – available from 4.00 to 12.00 mm

marquiseMarquise – available from 4×2 to 20×10 mm

baguetteBaguette – available from 4X2mm to 14X10mm

cushion Cushion – available from 3.00 to 15.00 mm

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